DATAKIT CrossManager 2019.1 build 2019-02-19
DATAKIT CrossManager 2019.1 build 2019-02-19 | 102.5 mb
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Czech, Chinese, Russian, Korean

Datakit has updated the release of CrossManager 2019.1, is a standalone software allowing you to convert files from most CAD formats. With Cross Manager, You just need to select one or several CAD files to translate them automatically in the format you want.
AutoForm^Plus R7 Update 6
AutoForm^Plus R7 Update 6 | 389.1 mb

AutoForm Engineering GmbH is pleased to announce the availability of AutoForm^Plus R7.0.6. This patch has been developed in order to enable AutoForm^Plus Stand-alone R7 to read new license files and is a cumulated patch, i.e. it contains all changes and fixes that have been introducedwith all previous patches R7.0.1 - R7.0.5.
PointWise 18.2 R2
PointWise 18.2 R2 | 2.0 Gb

Pointwise released an updated version of its computational fluid dynamics (CFD) mesh generation software. While primarily a maintenance release, it includes new geometry model import, improved CFD flow solver export, and user interface updates.